After a long day at work, there is nothing better than going home and being greeted by your loyal and loving pet. However, it may take more planning when deciding to become a pet owner if you live in an apartment. The Atlantic’s beautiful Delray Beach apartments are happy to accommodate pets, but there are a few things to consider first:

Owning a pet is known to have many health benefits. According to the CDC, pets can decrease the negative effects of stress, like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. At the same time, having a pet can help decrease feelings of loneliness, while increasing opportunities for exercise and socializing. Take advantage of our enclosed Paw Park! This is a great opportunity for your pet to stay active on the agility equipment and interact with their neighbor dogs. This will also give our residents a chance to interact and get to know each other. You could even start scheduling regular play dates for your pups!

Not all dog breeds adjust well to apartment living and The Atlantic at East Delray does have certain breed restrictions. The American Kennel Club suggests smaller breeds for apartment residents, such as toy Poodles, Shih Tzus, or Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. These breeds do not tend to shed a lot, are relatively quiet, and don’t mind spending most of their time indoors – perfect traits for apartment living! For a full list of restricted breeds and more details, please read our pet policy.

Keep your dog happy and healthy in an apartment setting by making a few adjustments. Making training a priority can help to set expectations and house rules for your dog. Training with treats is usually an extremely effective way to train.

Creating a routine is also an important step when it comes to a new apartment or a new pet. Getting your pup into routine potty breaks and outside time is the best way to avoid accidents. If you’re worried about them during the day and can’t make it home to check on them, enlist the help of a neighbor, or check out apps like Rover and Wag where you can hire someone to check on them and let them out throughout the day.

Cats are another great option for an apartment pet. These animals are known to generally be low-maintenance and mostly self-sufficient. However, some breeds can be better suited to your lifestyle than others. A few recommended breeds for apartment living include Siamese, Ragdoll, and Maine Coon. Check out this breed selector to help find your perfect kitty companion!

If a feline becomes bored, it can easily lead to negative behaviors like waking owners up in the middle of the night or becoming aggressive. For an indoor cat to thrive in a relatively smaller space than that of a traditional home, it is important to set up your apartment in a way that will keep it entertained.

Cat owners do not have to do much to make their apartment feline-friendly. Cats have some of the same predatory instincts as their “big cat” relatives that live in the wild. This means that cats need high places to perch and watch.  Use cat trees or even strategically placed shelves along the wall for your cat to climb on. Make sure that there is a window sill for your cat to lounge on and watch the birds fly by.  Give cats something to scratch on in every room so that they do not ruin your furniture.

Looking for a pet for your new apartment is also the perfect time to adopt and not shop! Visit one of the nearby animal shelters and find a pet that has been looking for a new home. The shelters often have puppies and kittens, but if you’re not wanting to train a new pet, or if you don’t have the time to, you can adopt an older dog or cat. Shelters are usually very diligent about training the older animals they receive and, chances are, you’ll find a furry friend that’s not only cuddly and cute, but potty trained and one that knows basic commands.

Our Delray Beach apartments are more than happy to welcome our residents and their pets.

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